crème de la crème


Photoshoot: Giza Lagarce by Aris Jerome


Jack Vanzet



Keeping it simple

As much as I love dressing up and stepping it up a notch, there are days when going for some time tested simplicity just does it for me. The classic sweatshirt is experiencing a strong comeback in menswear, from massive retailers to exclusive designers and it’s just one of those essentials one should stock on. As you might’ve noticed by now, I have a soft spot for Our Legacy and their Great Sweat is one of my favourite versions to  date, providing outstanding combinations of fabric, fit, colors and price tag. This one, in washed red, is made from a silk/cotton blend and features a vintage feel that goes perfectly with khakis or dark denim. Pair it with an untucked oxford for a relaxed vibe balance it with brown tasseled loafers and the result is a polished relaxed look.

Details: washed red great sweat by Our Legacy, white button down oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren, dark denim by H&M (drain), brown tasseled loafers by Lottusse and watch by Baume & Mercier (Classima Executive).  

Model and Styling: Miguel Vieira

Photography: Rita Lino